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Flamborough Head Needs Complete Protection – Or Does It ???

The marine Conservation Society (MCS) have proposed a number of sites around the UK which they suggest need "Complete protection" from exploitation. One of the proposed sites in the Infamous Flamborough head, which MCS

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Flamborough Head No Take Zone – Leaked Email Causes A Stir

With Reference to the Byelaw regarding Flamborough Head No Take Zone Boundary Limits : Shore side and Seaward Markers Western Boundary is directly South from Sewerby Steps in the Byelaw I propose to amend

Recreational Sea Anglers Strategy Is Back !!!!

RECREATIONAL SEA ANGLING STRATEGY FOR ENGLAND (revised draft post-consultation) 1. Introduction Summary Why a Recreational Sea Angling Strategy is important, its scope and responsibilities for implementation Detail Background 1.1 In 2004, the Drew Report

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Illegal Fishing – EU To Crackdown On World Fishing Pirates

New European Union rules to tackle illegal fishing worldwide came into force in January 2010. So called illegal, unreported and unregulated, fishing (IUU) is worth billions of dollars a year and hits both fish

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Marine Management Organisation Appoints Board Members

Board members appointed to the Marine Management Organisation Eight appointments to the Board of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) have been announced today by the Environment Secretary, Hilary Benn. The posts, which are either

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The Cold Winter Is Killing Baby Bass

‘We could lose an entire year group" says BASS “A cruel trick of nature threatens the first positive signs of a recovery in the recruitment of bass stocks” says John Leballeur, Chairman of the

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