The map below has the marks  shown, zoom in and click on the fishing symbol. I have shown where the parking is for most. Zoom in further for the Google street view of the access.

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Sea Fishing At Spurn Road

If we start at the south end there is Spurn…..many many different spots to fish along the point.
Personally I prefer the bigger tides for the actual point, using the Brid scale of 5.6m and above for the actual point . You will only be able to fish the slack water period and the first two hours sometime three of the flood. After that weed usually becomes a problem and if not then the sheer power of the tide will be difficult. There are a few spots like just inside the Binks that will allow a bit longer.

The Spurn Road for me is an ebb mark and If swell allow I prefer the high 30’s number posts to just before the black and white lighthouse. (the telephone posts are numbered and you’ll often see reports mentioning post numbers.)
There is a good spot also just behind the building as you drive onto the point known as Barry’s Hut. Again a good mark but not one I’ve fished a lot so can’t offer any advice on there.
There are many many more marks such as nside on the river side which are good for flatties and bass in the early season.

Kilnsea Sea Angling Snaggy But Worth The Effort

Moving North you will next come to Kilnsea, very snaggy in spots due to the old building now on the beach. You find the access by driving towards Spurn, as you pass the Crown and Anchor pub on Kilnsea bend continue straight on when the road bends right to spurn, the end of the road is not far down that road now.


Next Access is Easington lane end, working back from Spurn it is ust before you drive back nto Easington, turn right , towards the caravan park entrance , the parking is at the dead end of the road. You can fish to the left of the road or take a walk of about 1/2 a mile or so until the concrete blocks on the beach end, that is a mark known as Lagoons and can throw out some good fish on the mid to late flood.


The next access is Dimlington or Dimmo, drive into Easington and past the church and round the tight right hand bend. Continue straight on signed Withernsea and the gas termnal, you then drive through the middle of the terminal (public road fenced either side) as you leave the terminal complex first on the right is the terminal car park, just after that there is a large gravel and mud parking area with a rusty wire fence and bushes at the side. Park there and then you have two choices on the cliff top. Walk south a couple of hundred yards and you will find a grass slope usually ok to get down there. Or walk north and the get down is a sloppy but not usually to bad and straight in front. pick your spot……..if you walk about 300-400 yds north there is an area of very heavy clay flats about 100yds out from the low water mark. Very tackle hungry if you go too ight or fish the wrong rig. An up n over or pulley rig though would see you right. Dimmo can be a very good low water mark, don t be put off by the sand flats that show at low water. The depth drops off quickly into the clays. Also Dimmo is a very good Ebb mark but because the access is easy it can get very busy.

Out Newton

Next up is Out Newton and Windmills……the cliffs at the moment are very soft due to the rain and snow ut there are a couple of harder spots where you can scramble down. Parking is mainly at the Whitehouse that you will see on the cliff tops just past the windmills, Don’t park on the house drive but you can park near the cliff top as long as you don t obstruct the farmers access to the field and remember on a night time headlights shone into the whitehouse never go down well and some access has been lost due to that. You can walk south from Whitehouse along the cliffs and just look for a firm part of the cliff to hop down. There is a concrete block on the beach if you look south towards the windmills, near there is a very good ebb and low water mark…..Out Newton is probably my favourite ebb and low water mark of the whole Holderness….but we all have our favourites.
Often though on the flood it is worth chucking very close in when it is calm and the fish are hard on the shrimp, by close I mean less than 20 yds just flicked into the gutter where the sand slopes down .


The next known marks such as Old Hives require a long walk so I ll skip there. Holmpton lane end is next, find Holmpton village and then Seaside Road there is limited parking right at the end of the road, the cliffs are low but again it is a case of finding somewhere to hop down. I would fish there 3 up 3 down others perhaps favour different times.


Next up that is easy to find is the delightfully named Sh!tpipe or Intack farm as it used to be known as. Continue along the road from Holmpton towards Withernsea and after a couple of miles you will find a sewage pump station on the roadside.It is just where the road dips slightly and forms an s bend. Park at the pump station and then walk along the track at the side. The cliffs are very low and you just find a suitable hop down. There is usually a double bank in front so you could fish over low water off the double bank, care not to get cut off as it fills in behind you on the flood. Or fish three hours either side of high water, the beach changes often so it’s a case of having a look at low water and seeing where you fancy there really.


Next Up Withernsea….there is south With where you access the beach down Seacroft road which is just after the petrol station on the right (towards the town centre but before Tesco) Fish the late ebb to three hours up there in between the groins, after that you will need a very good chuck to get out into tide past the groins.

There are several more spots such as Teddies, Pier towers etc but I don t fish them so can t comment.
Next up is Withernsea North….been very very busy of late with some good fish easy to find as you leave town on the Tunstall coast road you park near the playing fields and then kjust walk down the steps onto the beach.
You can also walk up towards Waxholme but be careful on the bigger tides as the sea often washes you off the beach and the cliffs are a mess there.
Don’t be tempted to try and drive and park down the lane where the old windmill at Waxholme itself….it is a private road and you won t be welcomed down there as an angler !


The next spot along the coast is Tunstall, the road to the sea front is found by turning off the coast road where it is signed and then turn right before the stone church. You used to be able to drive to Sand le mere caravan site but that is no longer possible so park off the road on the grass and then you can walk past the front of the site to where the old boat slip that is found by walking south about 500yds.
Or look for a scramble down but be careful the cliffs are wet.


You can also access Rectory from here by walking north untill the church is behind you and the cliffs dip down, there is usually a get down there. Don’t be tempted to drive down Rectory lane or park in the village itself, the road is narrow and the villagers have been known to get upset by anglers blocking their acess and rightly so.

If you drive to where the church is but carry on along the road until you pass the houses and leave the village, it will say road blocked….it is , it fell nto the sea ! However if you drive to the end of the road there are a few spots that you can fish off the tops for three hours either side of high water.


Back on the road the next easy to find spot to fish is Hilston. To find this drive towards Roos from Tunstall and at the junction where Roos is left you will see a sign Hilston right. After about a mile or so there is a right turn again a dead end. Drive down there til you reach the concrete blocks. There was a get down just to the right of the lane end all summer and a good beach, that has gone at the moment as has the get down, but it’s worth checking every now and then as the beach changes from week to week, it can be a cracking smooth hound and skate venue in the summer.


There are marks at Grimston next but access is with farmers permission so we ll skip there.

Aldebrough And East Newton

Next up really is Aldborough and East Newton.
Drive to Aldborough village and at the white George and Dragon pub turn right and drive along this road, you leave the village and after a mile you will come to a wooden bungalow on the left. Park off the road but not blocking access. Then walk down the side of the bungalow, this is Aldbro’ Dip. The get down is at the end of that path. Again the beach has been scoured out at the moment and you will get washed off there. I favour Aldbro dip as a flood early ebb venue. To the south is East Newton but parking is very restricted and it is a fair old walk from Dip.

Back into the village and before you reach the pub and the main road take the little side road on the right and then turn right againand head down that road, the church on your left. Eventually you will come to the lane end….Adbro’ lane ned the mark. At the moment the sea hits the cliffs about 3 hours up so fish off the tops for 3 hours either side of high water. The hardest part here is finding a good pull up for any fish you catch but there are many little straight bits so just look for a straight pull up and chuck as far as you can out onto the flats, the fish run on the flats here no doubt feeding on the shrimp.


Cowden is next and although there are a few spots the cliffs are very bad here at the moment. You can find one access point by continuing along the road towards Hornsea from Aldbro and as you reach Cowden village after the first farm on the right you will see an unclassified road marked with dead end signs. Drive to the end and then walk south look for a get down but watch the soft cliffs.


Mappleton is next…not my favourite choice of venue but a very easy access, turn right at the Maple garage the car park is down there, however it is very prone to car break ins so for me that is good enough reason to avoid there.


Then you arrive at Hornsea where you already know.I m not going above Hornsea.

There you go I ve missed a few spots out but that is a run down of most of the marks and how to find them.
The rule regarding tides is below Withernsea on 5.5m and below Brid tide and above Withernsea on 5.6m and above. The bigger the northerly swell then you will have to find shelter either up at Hornsea or above or down near the lighthouse on Spurn. Sth east winds can mean good fishing up above Hornsea, sth west winds down south. Only problem is too much south in the wind can mean weed.

Anything else just ask….thats just my slant on things.

Where do you go… the moment see where is busy and then find somewhere else where you are not sharing your chances of fish with dozens of other anglers  ;)

Regards Jellyworm.