Shore Fishing Around The Fjords Of Skarnsundet

Hi everyone
Another group of guests came to skarnsundet to try out the shore fishing this week, 4 lads from the North east and 4 from the south!

Intresting week with fresh lug and ragdoing the buisness for the codling and the bluey still attracting the bigger fish!

I think the best 2 marks of the week, were the pier and the point!! Shads fished well again when I got the chance to try them, but missing alot of fish at the moment!!

The lads had fantastic weather, with high pressure and average -7 temps!

cod fishing in norway
Some fish from the pier!
norway sea fishing

George with a double from the pier

And one from the point

Big show and Darren with an averaged sized codling from the pier

A 65 year old bruce forsyth, thanks to all the lads for coming it was a great laugh!!!

Norway Sea Angling Gallery

Thanks for looking
Cheers –  Phill

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