Cod Fishing From The Shore In Norway With Phil Dale

Hi There,

My name is Phill Dale I moved to Skarnsundet Fjordsenter in May 2008 to work as an assistant site manager to Klaas Jan Jonkman who owns and runs the sea fishing resort! Been from East Yorkshire I am a keen shore angler fishing from the cliffs of Flamborogh to the beaches on the Holderness coast!

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When I was given the opportunity to work in Norway I could see the potential for shore fishing so I started looking round for marks that could produce fish, digging my own bait and learning what I could from the locals and my boss! The problem is that shore fishing with bait is not popular in Norway so it was down to experience and luck to find the fish! As I started to look for the marks I was catching good bags of cod, haddock whiting, dabs, dogfish, coalfish and ghost sharks!

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The fishing was good during the summer but it became even better as the winter arrived at the end of September I had discovered 10 or more good marks, some producing fish over low water and some over high! Like any other angler it’s a dream to catch 10 or more cod in a 4 hour session with many bigger fish always there for the taking!!


I’ve had cod to 26 pound from the shore and lots of nice fish!! My guests have caught shore cod upto 50 pounds (Yes 50 pounds) so the potential here is truly awesome Its mainly cod that I fish for but there are plenty of other species on offer.

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The scenary in this part of Norway is also spectacular especially in the winter months and fishing under the Northen light is an experience of its own!

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With skarnsundet been a popular boat fishing venue throughout the summer months we have all the facilities to offer shore fishing holidays during the summer and winter season!! This is our first year offering the shore fishing holidays so I would like to get anglers over here to help me discover more marks and learn more about the ones, which I have discovered!!

norway cod fishing

I have maps to all the local marks and I will take the guests fishing to all the best places!! We also have a small tackle shop on site were you can buy bait and equipment!!

To read more of Phils posts to the site, please keep an eye on his blog section here.

The holidays start from £25 pp per night for a modern self contained apartment!

Have a look at our website and my Diary section!

Now into our second year in Norway, the fish continue to get bigger. The cod above weighed 49lbs and was taken by a group of shore anglers visiting us in February 2010

If you need any info on the holidays please email me

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