Twelve of us set of to the arctic circle norway
13th july. heres a few pictures from our trip .you allready probabley know some
of the faces .scottygf hands for a trip of a life time, and did
they have a good time ? kev hewitt a 57lb cod,, me a 48lb cod the list goes on
.the first two days it rained and rained the wind was trying to blow us of the
sea with gusts up about 80mph it was ripping the water of the surface and making
mini tornado.s wow frightning . the 3rd day the sun came out and the sea went
flat and fishing improved by the 5th day 20 pounders didnt even turn your head
.some fish would not go back down  the bends none where wasted they where evenly
shared around the town to the pensoiners  i hope scott and dave will add to this
post thanks for looking

wait for next year :happy:

A few more from the week