Something is starting to bark already

On the Lincolnshire coast there has already been reports of smooth hounds caught form both the beach and the shore. Personally I think that it is too early for the hounds to show on the shore line just yet. As for the boats they showed up around this time last year and stayed off shore until the water temperature warmed up. I think may be that the fish that are being caught on the beaches are possibly dog fish. They have a habit of being caught this time of year. This is when anglers are targeting the cod with bigger baits.

In the boats off the Lincolnshire coast the anglers that have manged to get out have had a variety of fish including cod, whiting, rays, dog fish and smooth hounds. The fishing along this stretch of coast can be fantastic. But you have to be careful of the weather conditions as you can easily come a cropper especially if you are beach launching. The wave can come at you very quickly and soon put you into trouble.

Boston pirates have got a new tractor and they have a fantastic set up there and will launch anglers for a fee but it is well worth it as they know what they are doing and will also offer expert advice to where to go and fish. .

In the Humber things are still hit and miss some days you will go out and catch a few cod and then on another day nothing. There is a good number of smaller fish closer in. this weekend it is a HCA winter league match . I would expect that some of the anglers will forego trying catching the bigger specimens and targeting the smaller fish possibly using other baits than squid.  It will be interesting the wind is supposed to be dying down for Sunday so hopefully the match will go ahead.

On the shore scene here is Nigel Crabtree’s Humber SAC report

The club managed to get 9 anglers together who all managed to put there clocks forward and arrived on time. Only 1 arrived late after forgetting to put his clocks forward,. Most of the fish were small and came on the incoming tide and it seems to fish better on the up now. Jack Barlow was pegged on the second groyne to the left of the ramp and lost 2 rigs on the rough ground that is there at the moment The results were as follows. 

1st  Nigel crabtree 14 fish for 3lb – 13,1/2oz.

2nd Scott Richardson 7 fish for  1lb – 14,1/2oz.

3rd  Dan Jackson 6 fish for 1lb – 8,1/4oz. 

Biggest flat fish Jon Gore 33cm flounder

Biggest round Wayne Shepherd 24cm coley

Lucky peg Nigel Crabtree 

Next weeks match is on Saturday 4th April on Courtaulds Straight fishing 4.15pm – 8.15pm meet at Novartis barrier from 3pm. 

We are re-locating the match on the 10.4.11 to Barton due to the access on the wall. All meet at the Sloop Inn at the corner of Waterside Road/Far ings Road at 7.30am 10.4.11.

Just a word to let you know that the access barrier at the middle drain is blocked at the moment , as work is going on the sea wall.

Here is Chas Tibbles Skegness report

Latest SPAC match report as follows:

“Recent reports of small cod being caught from local beaches resulted in the best turnout of the year for the latest Skegness Pier Angling Club (SPAC) match held at Chapel Point. Unfortunately the fishing didn’t live up to expectations, with only two cod coming ashore early on in the match to Wrangle’s Alan Steadman, who added the Ex-Service Cup to his increasing CV of match wins, with a total weight of 3lb 14oz. Alan also won the heaviest round fish prize for his best cod, which tipped the scales at 2lb 11oz. Some way behind in second place was Corby’s Paul Marshall, whose specimen 1lb 2oz flounder also took the heaviest flatfish award. The only other angler to weigh in was Croxton’s Dave Burr, who scratched out a small dab and an even smaller whiting to take third spot with 6oz.

The next SPAC match will be held on Saturday 2nd April from 4:30 till 8:30pm at Jackson’s Corner, Ingoldmells, with Club members fishing for the Derby Miners Cup. There is also an open section, which non-members are welcome to participate in. For further information please contact SPAC Secretary Chas Tibble on 07984 967988 or”