Makro A Great Mark On The River Humber

Makro is a popular stretch for anglers on the River Humber. Its basically just off the A63 before you get to Hull. Turn off the A63 at Saint Andrews Quay (you will see the McDonalds, Comet B&Q ets). once on St Andrews Qua, double back on yourself driving along the road as if heading to B&Q. Just keep driving alonmg the river front until the road ends. You’ll see makro. Most people park on the road there and then fish just the other side of the gate. There’s usually plenty of people there so you won’t miss it.

Named after the wholesale store behind it very easy to find come towards Hull on the A63 and as you get closer to the city you will see a retail park on the right hand side right on the river bank with a large B & Q store , you need to come off the A63 at the St Andrews Quay (The Junction) exit and drive onto that retail park,then right at the r/about where the sailmakers pub is and then drive along the road parallell to the river heading upstream (west) you will pass B & Q and then see Makro .Park up so you don’t obstruct any gates or loading bays and you can fish from the side of your car or walk past the metal gates if you want.

At the other end of the retail complex is a large Chinese restaurant called Mr Chu’s and past that is the old dock entrance known as the Bull Nose, there is a trawlers memorial there. That mark produced a few codling last winter but you now have to park up at Chu’s and walk a couple of hundred yards……***REMEMBER IT IS HULL CAR CRIME CAN BE A PROBLEM IF LEAVING YOUR CAR AT NIGHT PARK NEAR THE CCTV CAMERAS****

Victoria Pier

The next easy to get to point of access is the Victoria Pier area where there are several places to fish from all very obvious and all giving access to very deep water, a big cast not needed as you won t hold bottom in a big tide if you chuck too far…….all can be very snaggy at times so be prepared to lose a bit of gear.
You find the pier by driving along the A63 into Hull and pass the marina on your right at the next set of traffic lights you will see a road bridge in front and the tidal barrier,turn left before that brridge (don t go through the lights but turn into Lowgate,then turn right at Argos and then right again behind argos, follow the road back under the road bridge and then at the next t junction turn left that will take you to the Victoria pier area.

Victoria Dock Estate

For the Victoria dock Estate stay on the A63 over the road bridge past the tidal barrier then at the next roundabout take the third exit into the housing estate,the Timberdock pub is on the left.Continue and at the next roundabout you will see a straight on I think called Halfpenny way ,follow that towards the river and park up at the river bank to the left is a large old lock basin fish from the corner out towards Paull chucking no more than 60-70 yds or so squid frozen blacks wraps will get you cod…that mark produced loads of fish early season the last few years up to low doubles, again can be snaggy and busy.
there are various spots to fish both sides of the basin and all along the front as well so just pick a spot.

The King George Dock Ferry Terminal

The King George dock Ferry terminal next either the car park next to it which is not very good now adays due to the neweer river side ferry the fish run out round the ferry I think so probably not worth bothering with.

Fishing Marks At Hull – Paull Car Park

Paull car park next….the home of floatation suits and trainers…lol ;D ;D
Watch out rumour has it howitzer bait cannons may be showing there soon !
There are rocks called cranches and these ccan be very productive but very slippery, Paull I think fishes best on the early to mid ebb and can give good bags of fish but gets very very busy.

Old Hall

Old Hall next, drive to Ottringham and then turn off towards Sunk Island, keep going till the road bends left then park on the verge before the houses, don t block any drives or gardens…the walk starts at the left side of the ditch you can see half way along the row of houses and you have a good 20-25 minutes walk to reach the flood bank then there are spots all along the front and fish at all states of the tide, I’ve had mine on the last of the flood early ebb though.

Article contributed to by forum members Fox and Jellyworm.

Edited yy Glenn Kilpatrick

Pictures by members of the Whitby and Holderness fishing forums.