Fishing Marks On The River Humber, An Illustrative Guide By Dave Jacketts

1. Hessle foreshore.

This mark is probably the furthest upstream that most would consider,I know a few lads fish North Ferriby but I ll start here.
The mark has very easy access found by coming off the A63 for the Humber Bridge then following signs for the foreshore viewing area.
Fishing is from infront of your car and the odd codling does show but mainly flattie bashing and whitings from here.

2. Hessle Haven (Dunstons ship yard).

(Not far to wlak for some rock fishing)

The Haven area is very silted/muddy but from the corner easy fishing is found into the faster deeper running channel. Similar fishing to the Foreshore and a lot quieter than the marks further downstream. This mark is found by following the ssigns for the foreshore but instead of turning off down the the viewing area,carry straight on along Livingston Road until you reach the  “San Luca” restaurant. There is parking very nearby,car security on a night time might be an issue though so probably a daytime venue.

3. St Andrews Quay/ Makro.

This mark is probably the most popular venue with both pleasure anglers and the odd match on this stretch.
It is again very easy to find by turning off the A63 at the St Andrews Quay junction and then driving past B & Q til you reach the end of the road at some metal gates. The fishing is then along the whole length both before and if you want to walk after the metal gates.
Does get very busy at times so expect some line platting if it is busy. Produces lots of winetr codlings and flatties year round.

4. Victoria Pier/Hull Marina.

To find the Pier you need to get off the A63 near the Myton Bridge and look for Queen Street.
There are several options when you get to the Pier,except for the pier itself ,there is no fishing off the wooden decks.
To the right of the Pier is the Minerva jetty and also the Marina basin heads,all give comfortable fishing into the deep fast water and fishing is at less than 70yds range or holding out and weed becomes a problem.
To the left of the Pier there is the corner near to the green statue that does fish and again no distance casting is needed.Opposite in front of The Deep the corner there used to be known as Sammys Point ,when the area was still docks and Dock/ABP workshops,now The Deep is there fishing doesn’t appear to be allowed, not quite sure where we stand on that as the footpath infront is still a public footpath.

5. Victoria Dock Estate.

Access to the Victoria Dock estate is found near to the Myton Bridge and just off the A63 road.Once off and just entering the estate you come to a roundabout,straight on is down Plimsoll Way and then park alongside the duck pond.

The walkway infront of the parking area.

The corner spot at the lock basin,a good spot usually busy cod to well into double figures have regularly shown here.Cast towards Paull and about 80yds max.

Across the old basin and the opposite corner is another hot spot,the front after that is accessed by Maldon Way and again gives easy fishing,beware of casting too far the gully at 60 yds can be a tackle graveyard,drop just short (so I ve been told) ;D

6. King George Dock car park.

Head for the Ferry Terminal Riverside and you find a small car park near the tractor compound.
Used to be a great winter venue for the cod running close in,but a few years ago a new ferry roll on roll off terminal was built right next to it and that has killed the car park off for the tide running cod.It would appear they now run out round the terminal and probably stay out til further up at Victoria Dock.
Some anglers park here and walk further along past the ferry to fish the lock head but leaving a car has to be an issue at this venue unfortunately.

7. Paul Car Park and Cranches.

Find Paull village (on the Withernsea road out of Hull near to the BP Chemical plant. Then look for the tall metal radio masts,the entrance is next to them.

The fishing at Paull can be very good but it is also very very busy,the home of the “Floatation suit and trainers” brigade  ;).
There are four rock outcrops,two small ones near the car park and football field.Then two further much bigger ones a short walk down stream. The cranches are rocks covered in mud and bladderrack and are very very awkward to fish off but in a good southerly wind over low on a big tide can fish very well.
The fourth and final cranch is right in front of the Thorngumbald Lighthouses.
The smaller lighthouse that can be seen in the second picture is the lower boundary for most of the Holderness open matches.

8. Old Hall.

Old Hall probably the hardest to find and the most effort needed to get to it.Head for Sunk Island then Old Hall Road. Park before the houses then look for the dyke with some bushes near it. Walk along the left hand bank of the dyke for about 20-30 minutes til you reach a plank over another dyke then you walk up onto the flood bank.The fishing is all along the front from the Sluice (clue) til just past the mile marker post on the floodbank. Can be very muddy and the rocks slippery so studded boots an advantage at this mark.

[mappress mapid=”4″]Next up is Spurn to Hornsea. Please see seperate article.

Cheers Jellyworm.