So we’ve covered the River Humber to Spurn and then Spurn to Hornsea, so next up is the area from above Hornsea to Flamborough Head which I feel is the absoloute limit of the Holderness area before we start the North yorkshire rock fishing marks..


So first up is Atwick Gap, also known as the Hornsea North boat compound. The mark is found by driving along Cliff Road Hornsea until you reach the boat compound gates. Thenit is a short walk along the front of the boat compound to the slipway. The fishing is from the beach for the first 3 hours then up onto the various ledges of the low cliffs. Good bass mark and this last year pre Christmas it was a very good whiting mark.


This mark is found by following the coast road from Hornsea to Atwick village and then taking the only right turning which is signed to the sea. Parking is at the road end where it has fallen away. This past winter there has been a good beach here and when a good northerly sea is running it is a spot that gives a little shelyer and on the bigger tides a reasonable chance of a fish.

Far Grange caravan park.

Access can be difficult at times but one to consider as an early winter whiting venue, flat beach and expect to be washed off on the bigger tides. The site access is sometimes by pass only so perhaps one not to explore without permission first.

Witters Dyke

This is a good Dab and whiting mark but this last year it has also thrown some good codlings to 6lb + on the bigger tides. The mark is found by either walking north from Skirlngton or south from Skipsea lane end. The dyke runs out at the mark.

Skipsea lane end.

The road is rapidly falling away here and the cliffs changing daily. The beach is not big and so washes off 2-3 hours from high water. Access is by walking south in front of the chalets known as Shanty town then a short hop down onto the beach. Alternatively fish from the various low platforms on top of the cliffs.


The fishing here as on most of the northern Holderness beaches is over shallow flat sands. Good venue for bass and flatties, but again this year the moark has thrown some cod out especially on the bigger tides and when a big northerly sea is running. There is a cafe ad easy fishing 2 houyrs either side of high water from off the concrete area at the lane end.


The access here is very good, a short hop down onto the beach or a walk south for the area around the Barmston pipe. Very good bass venue and also always action from the flatties. If a heavy south east sea has been running on falling tides well worth a check here for any wash-up of bait.


Another very flat sands venue but a nother very good bass venue, fresh yellow tail worm being the bait for the bass here. Just be careful about getting your tackle out as the beach has in the past been a nudist beach but the local police are actvely seeking to stop that….lol

Bridlington Harbour walls.

The harbour walls offer very easy access and non stop action from whitings and flatties with the odd codling and odd bass coming out most years. The North wall is the flooding tide option and the south wall the ebb choice. Please atke all your bait wrappers and litter home with you, the wall has suffered from a real problem from anglers leaving rubbish.

Bridlington Fun fair and Donkey Bridge.

Next up is only a short distance from the Harbour and is a very good flounder venue , this year it has thrown a good number of codlings when the rest of the coast was unfishable because of heavy northerly seas.

Bridlington North beach and chalets.

Again a shallow sand flats beach, very good for dabs and bass. At range in dark whitings are found in good numbers.

That is about it before we start on the Flamborough marks.

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