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Halibut fishing from shore

I have been fishing for halibut from shore for many years but it’s been over the past two months that I’ve focused my attention on a costal area near to Skarnsundet.  To catch a target halibut from shore, the first thing to do is to learn about it, this is a fantastic part about fishing!

Were they live?

What they eat?

There Biology?

By finding the answers to these questions you are already half way to catching your halibut from land.

For halibut I always look for a mark that is easy to access, has current, sandy bottom and if possible is a channel between two pieces of land.

The coast were I focus my attention on has a fantastic variation of marks and is a shore anglers dream!

The equipment I use is a strong surfcasting rod (zziplex HST), strong casting reel (Penn 525), quality 20 pound nylon line. This equipment is used because at many marks you have to cast the bait out a distance to get to the fish and be prepared if you do get the fish of a lifetime.

I keep my rigs very simple, a pulley Pennell rig is my choice twinned with a 170g lead. This rig is made with 40 kg Nylon and 2 x 8/0 Hooks.
Using fresh bait will give you confidence, attract more fish and remain in the water for longer with scent. I mainly use whole herring for halibut this is because they are easy to catch, vacuum pack and get them in the freezer one hour after been caught. This ensures they are in perfect when you come to use them.

As you can see from the pic, presentation is very important, notice that I have cut the tail off the herring, this is done so that the herring does not twist when casting and more distance can be gained. Also notice that the elastic cotton is mainly around the eye of the hook, this stops the hook from turning into the bait and reduces missed strikes.

Finally, when the herring prepared to cast out just prick the belly of the herring with a knife to let the scent leak out!
Always remember to slacken your drag as when that halibut takes it will run with the bait and will easily drag your equipment in the water!!!
This was my biggest halibut from the shore last year and a fantastic fish to have caught using these techniques.

To read more about Halibut fishing from shore or for any other species please visit my new website www.nordicsportfishing.com were you will find all the information you need. You can also book a shore and fishing holidays.

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