Hi all Ive been asked to write an article on kite fishing i don’t no everything about this sport. but i can tell our story me and a friend called Neil have been power kiting for about 2 years now. and both of us are keen anglers so the next step had to be kite fishing .we’ve talked and talked about it for some time now so we went to the shed to see what we could come up with we found a snapped boat rod a couple of old alvey reels we filled them with any briad that we could find regardless the poundage we just didn’t care for our first outing Neil popped out and bought a £10 kite because the ones we have lift us off the floor so a bit to powerful for fishing the next step was to get a diagram off the net
we tied every thing together chucked in the car win d was just slightly in the wrong direction but we didn’t care Neil came up with gluing a two pence to one side of the kite to pull the kite so it was held more strait out to sea well that was the theory any way with in seconds of getting there Neil had the kite up balancing it to the wind while i got the reels of braid ready
we were ready to go or i thought we were out went the kite for about 100 yards we stopped it to tye our float line on the float line is also to keep the kite from rising up away from the sea so we had to fill the float (lol petrol canister)with water i did say we were doing it on the cheep any way the kite didn’t pull forward so we kept tipping the water out until the canister started to move that was it game on we then tied our 30 foot of braid to the canister which was to be our line to the sea bed on the end of that we tied a few rigs including feathers we baited up with mackerel
this was it our first attempt we through everything ove the cliff and it went out like a rocket we were both shocked that was it we
were fishing
we waited fora couple of hours while dark then reeled in with optimism to find out we hadn’t caught a thing but never the less we both had done it what we had set out to do and it worked apart from catching ill put that down to there being no fish about we are now going to get rigged up ready for summer with some proper gear and we might see you all on the beach hears a few moor pics