I wasn’t going to bother going out again (Wednesday) but the codfever was playing up badly and the thoughts of a pig started racing through my mind…..again ! I ‘d ordered some worms from Paddy at Hull Angling last week for pick up Wednesday intending to use them maybe Friday or Saturday but hey ho better being out than sat in front of the telly.

Once my mind was back in fishing gear I had a glance at the tide tables and reckoned that if I grabbed a few hours sleep in the afternoon/evening I could be ready and at the chosen venue for about midnight. I planned to then get the ‘get down’ sorted and be ready for fishing about 1am about 2 hours into the flood.
The spot I wanted to fish was between Rectory steps and the pill box that is on the beach towards Grimmo, there you go that narrows it down to a short stretch of beach  ;)

My mate Jody (East Coast casting legend) had also decided to do the late shift and come out to play, so dspite very tired, ( I never managed to get to sleep in the afternoon) we trudged our way along the cliff tops looking for a get down. We eventually managed to suss out a patch of cliff that wasn’t too wet and was then a short drop down some bits of firm cliff onto the beach.

The moonlight gave us a cracking view of the outer bank exposed on the bigger than expected ebb and we were able to see a short section of bank that had some very slight round depressions in it….not gulleys or runners but just round dips only about 10yds across, three of them close by eachother.
Those spots looked like the sort of feature that would gather food for the fish so we set up behind there.

There was a lot more wind driven swell than we had hoped for, not a long range well set ground swell, but a short messy sea. That was the end of the ‘pig’ hunt though……with sea like that the best we could hope for was maybe mops , possibly a straggler 5 – 6lb fish. Shame because at home there hadn t been a breath of wind, then a few miles down the coast quite a fresh north varying nth east wind.

Anyway we both cast out hoping that there was enough water over the rapidly covering bank, almost straight away the rod tips pulled round until the leads broke out. We then had to both haul a long long rope of weed in. Hopefully it would just be until the bank covered enough to give a bit of depth. So we sat back and had a brew nattering about what the hell we were doing out on the beach at 1am in the morning….me leaving the missus and Jody neglecting Mrs Palm !  ;)

After 1/2 an hour baits were blasted out. I opted for a pulley rig with Sakuma manta 3/0 + 2/0 pennel baited up with cart. Jody fishing straight worm. The rods were getting knocked around a fair old bit with the swells and wind but after about 10 mins I saw a definite knock on the rod tip followed by another, so I wound down and felt the weight of a fish…..game on  :) .

Not a big fish , just under 3lb but a nice clean run fish, and a hungry one nothing in it when gutted.
Jody was next in with a mop of about 1.5lb. Next cast I had one about 2lb this time again on cart. My first fish on the beaches on cart baits, I d tried before and never had any success with it.
Jody had one his next cast again to straight worm.

The next cast was our last on the beach, the wait for the bank to cover had seriously reduced our fishing time on the beach, if it had been a flat sea I reckon we might have been fishing maybe an hour earlier than we actually did in the end.
I managed another the same size more or less as the first fish, this time to straight blow lug tipped with raw tiger prawn, then we had to scramble back up the cliff.

We had another couple of casts off the top but to no avail so we called it a day.
The time to catch them on the flood off the banks seems a very very tight time window of opportunity about 2 hours from top then it just switches off. The lads fishing further down at Tunstall have told me that they are getting a better fishing time on the ebb for longer than on the flood……very strange…I wonder why ?

Still the chance of dropping on the right conditions for that elusive double figure fish is proving difficult….still got to keep trying …it will come eventually. Was good to at least catch a few for our late night efforts.

Sorry there are not more pictures but other than taking one possibly of the anglers lights down at Rectory or the one just above us at Grimston there was not a lot else to see, lovely moonlit night though…….oh yes just the obligatory trophy shot of the fish I caught.


The run was very strong until the bank covered so  with the big big tides over the next few days I might just have a foray North of Hornsea to see what is mooching about up there  :) .

Cheers Jellyworm.