Saturdays 6th Feb Outing with pics

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  1. Hopey

    Hopey Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    Set off to dig some worms in the rain this morning, as I was driving to the coast it looked a lot brighter, even thought it may have stopped before I got there. I was wrong!! It just about chucked it down the entire time I dug.
    The strong southerly was holding an inch of water and there was hardly any cast showing, so had to dig a trench, it took me a couple of hours, but managed to get enough for what I needed.
    Had a look on a couple of southern beaches, but did not like the look of the swell, and the lads in the pictures were picking plenty of weed up, as you can see by the photos of Easington it was really starting to lift, with the wind due to get stronger, I knew I had to move further North, round the bend to get out of it .


    Got to chosen destination, perched myself on a nice ledge on the cliff, and lobed one out, that was tapping away before I even got the second rod set up, and pesky whiting was still about even with the swell on.
    Just reeling a whiting on one rod, and noticed a good pull, then my braid drifting off into the wind, quickly put my rod down and grabbed my other, reeled like mad finally got caught up to this fella, a cod of about 3 1/2lb.

    Had a few more taps and a few more whiting, over top of tide then just as it was getting dark, my mate had just rung to see how I was getting on when I noticed a good rattle and my braid was slacking up again, put phone down wound like mad resulted in my second cod of the day another one just slightly bigger than the first. give a real good fight with all the swell,

    Only had another cast or two after this, tide was starting to drop, and could not be bothered to go down onto the beach, don't think I would have been able to cope with all the waves as the sea was getting shallow it had really picked up.
    Caught on worm and squid, pulley pennels
  2. crusty

    crusty Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    Well done Hopey a nice couple of fish there. Makes getting wet worthwhile .
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  3. matthard

    matthard Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    Nice pair of cod hopey. Was braver then me. I was all geared up to go myself today but decided against it in the rain.
    So try tomorrow, just hope it's fishable with this strong wind again.
  4. Bassman

    Bassman Administrator Staff Member

    Well done Hopey 2 fish added to the challenge :)

    Thanks for posting and sharing with us ;)
  5. matthard

    matthard Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    Just been having a look at whitby forum and according to there admin you had a nice 6lb er☺
  6. fishysteve

    fishysteve Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    well done 2 nice cod :) i hope the sea as dropped away by monday though
  7. Old King Cod

    Old King Cod Administrator

    Well deserved fish there hopey. Good read & pictures too. I have been surprised at how these whiting are staying around in a swell. I don't miss that walk out onto the mud at spurn. Much easier up my way.
  8. penn

    penn Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    Well done hopey good start for the challange hope I do ok in my match tomorrow.
  9. jellyworm

    jellyworm Cod

    Well done matey....I had a look at the sea up here this aft and when the waves are running straight past the seafront I know its a tough day ! Well done on snickling a couple really should consider getting your bumps felt ! It's meant to be fun ! HARD AS NAILS ...never mind Hopey !
  10. Hopey

    Hopey Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    think its just that there's so many of them this year okc , as for walking out on mud, I've been in mud all day digging and cliffs tomorrows cleaning gear off it's grafted
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  11. Hopey

    Hopey Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    hope it settles down for you mate it really lifted as day went on
  12. Bassman

    Bassman Administrator Staff Member

  13. matthard

    matthard Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

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  14. Chris j

    Chris j Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    Well done hopey you fared better than I did last night mate, 2 hours at the point over low then blasted over to dimmo under the turbines for another 4 hours over high , I just couldn't get through the whiting And that's after a day on the tools then an hours digging on spurn :( Sometimes I wish I was addicted to something less invasive on life like crack or smack instead of fishing :D. Cheers Chris
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  15. mocksqueek

    mocksqueek Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    Great report , well done ,On getting a couple out.;)
  16. Hopey

    Hopey Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    it keeps us fit though stormchaser I should only weigh 9 stone the effort I put in ,may be the takeaway on the way home that I'm doing wrong !
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  17. jason131972

    jason131972 Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    welldone mr hopey,great report and well deseverd
  18. Chris83

    Chris83 Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    Well in mate, top effort. My other half has been seriously ill so im gonna get her right then get among em!
  19. mark

    mark Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    Well done hopey , rewarded for your effort.
  20. david blake

    david blake Holderness Coast Fishing Forum

    Another great report and pics well done

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