Well this post is not going to tell you how to fish the Flamborough mark …..I’m still working that out for myself …but isn’t that the fun of it…working out what where and when ?

I have started to really enjoy fishing the Flambro’ marks….the last two years I have driven countless miles up to the likes of Robin hoods Bay and the other further North marks…..and yes I have got a reasonable idea of what and where to go in certain conditions…..but this year I have been looking at what I have right on my doorstep……..well not quite but within 20 mins door to door  ;D

So I shall start with the Lighthouse area moving North towards North Landing.

Parking is at the car park next to the lighthouse, which is not that cheap but is certainly a lot cheaper than a parking ticket….as I found out last year ! ….the grass area near the car park is treated as an overflow car park at the same rates as the car park….BEWARE!!

The spots I fish around the lighthouse are ‘Common Hole’ and the ledges below the Foghorn itself one of which is known as Gun House ,these spots are accessed from the car park by walking towards the white Foghorn building and then when at the end a simple short walk down the well worn path takes you onto the ledges. The ground infront only dries out on the biggest of tides and exposes a series of gullies with fingers of scar extending out into deep water.I like fishing this spot in a big sea with sth or sth east winds off your back. I ve had fish in dark and daylight here as the colour can be good with the tidal flow pushing round the head from Brid bay.
This is looking back at the Foghorn perched up on the cliffs above Selwicks Bay known locally as ‘Silex’ Bay.
The spot below the foghorn in the picture shows ‘Common Hole’ and sth beyond that is Foghorn and Gun House.

Walking North from the car park you pass a wooden Puffin statue…don’t go down the path next to it or you will end up down on Silex beach…….it is a long winding stairway down

Walk about 40-50 yds along the road and you will see a path that heads north down slightly alongside the edge of the golf course.

This path will take you eventually to North Landing….plus all the marks off the cliff tops along the way.
The first mark you will come to is ‘Arches’ which is the cliff top above ‘Kindle scar’….the path down is just past the WW11 bunker and is a gentle walk down to a flat platform on top of an archway….not to be confused with ‘5 Arches’ which is at the nth end of the marks.

The ground in front of ‘Arches’ is a lot of flat scar but there are some really nice gullies to cast to….sorry but walked this route at High water so can’t show them.

There are several small banks to fish off within 100 yds or so of ‘Arches’ the first I know of being above ‘Stottlebinks’…from the cliffs a high water spot as on medium to big tides the ‘binks’ uncover and can be fished by walking on from Silex Bay.

The next photo is looking down into the platform above ‘ Course Hole’….it can be found by walking to the bunker on the golf course nearest the cliff…..again a high water mark and there is a good flat top above to cast off and a reasonable pull up the cliif.

Next up lookin North towards Brail Newk in the back ground and in the mid ground is ‘Cradle Head’
a nice drop down bank that gives a good pull up from some heavy kelp ground,not a tide fish spot but for me a heavy sea heavy ground spot.

The flattened grass in the middle of this shot is the fishing platform down into Swineshaw Hole……there is enough room for one to chuck off this spot or a short hop back to the top to get a proper boomsmash cast out !
The pull up is nearly straight and is down out of any Southerly winds as well.

This is the nab of ‘Cradle Head’ and is a nice easy walk down onto a flat but narrow platform…again a high water heavy ground chuck so for me a night time heavy sea spot.

We then pass by ‘Brail Newk’   you can’t miss it…it is the highest and furthest out to sea of the Flambro cliff marks…roughly midway between North Landing and Silex.
At the side is a bay…I can’t remember the name but there is a bird nessting right on top of that stack !

We next come to ‘Fraggle Rock’….I think traditionally known as the ‘Saddles’……it looks narrow but is a nice wide flat fishing platform giving access to good ground and kelp within a reasonable chuck….not quite a tide sspot …at least not as much as Brail but does give access to some good ground from an easy fishing spot.

The next main spot is ‘Newcomb’ and this is a small cut back bay and it does have a roped get down…..had a scurry half way down tonight but for me it needs a harness to do the full descent…not for the angler with vertigo !
Look carefully in the centre of the shot there is a rope following the crack down !

From here North is worthy of a seperate post altogether and so will be posting that next.
A cracking part of the coast that marks the transition from sand to rock angling.

I love this part of the coast and enjoyed the walk tonght….mind you the night was made when driving back to Hornsea I saw a sign saying ” Slow mud on the road”
Kim said to me ” Slow mud ?
What if we turned the corner and found a group of 70’s pop stars hobbling across the road on zimmer frames mumbling….that’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat….I really love your tiger feet !!  ;D

There you go part one of my spots at Flambro……there are more but these are the ones on the Southern section of cliffs.I ll post the next part soon of the Northern Flambro Cliff spots and the scars.

Enjoy. Jellyworm