The meet was held at South Landing Flamborough on 4t September 2011 we met up at 9 am and would fish from 10am till 4pm
It was deiced no boundary’s would be given in respect of the fantastic conditions

At 9.50am Stonefish gave a quick briefing on safety , species conservation , marine no take zones & the tide near Flamborough Head this involved lots of pointing

At 10am just after high water 26 kayak anglers took to the water to under go a species hunt (catch & release) and a biggest fish match with one fish per angler to be weighed

The fishing was slow at 1st with a few whiting and mackerel taking feathers and hokeyes

Sandman (Gary Kirkham) with some Flamborough Makeral

Then a Bass came to Buzzlightyear (lan Batt) who was trying to put space between him and the pack
The Coalfish Pollock (billet) were happy to oblige with the species hunt coming to 01kayak (Jeff Elliot)

Steve Beech was on form with the mackerel having a good few

The North West guys went toward the sand bank and found Tarpon 1 (Dave Hogan) Bass Whiting and various other species

With weather this fantastic Philpot (Phil Roberts) was happy to blank

some of the guys had never fished south landing before heres Esoxuk (Phil Eaton) finding the place to his liking

A Cod came to Dean Andrew who had paddled all the way to Bempton in search of his second ever Cod

Ken Oliver (Bassy/Carpy Ken) and Fi Dubber (Yakkin Fi) fished together anchored to the bell buoy finding the flat style of fish to there liking

More Bass came to Mr b year finding approx 15 on his travels and Coalfish and Pollock to boot

Some of the meet were out in the open sea for the first time a well done for a great effort showing some of the seasoned kayak anglers up for the species hunt

As the hours drew on the group started to near the bay fighting the tide on the way

In search of more species most spent a while in the shallows near
the launch over sand and mud

Tony (Windy Miller) & Anna Wilkinson trawled the length of south side in search of fish (a motor helps for this) Anna managing a mackerel and Tony on true form with a blank

It was mixed fishing with some getting rod bending action and other not but even blankers love conditions like this

On returning to the launch a few photos were taken before the weigh in

Ian Batt and his Bass

Dean Andrew with his Cod

Dave Hogan and his Bass

The weights were checked by Stonefish (Alex Symmons)


1st and 2nd place for the species were decided and with a good amount in joint 3rd , 3rd and 4th place were raffled

The Ladies winner was Anna Wilkinson with a Mackerel

2nd place on the species went to Ivan Hutchinson (Bridlington)

1st place on the species went to Dave Hogan (Manchester)

Thanks to http://www.johnsonoutdoors.co.uk/ and http://www.1stwetwild.co.uk/ for sponsoring the species hunt and believing in sustainable fishing practices


4th place with a 1lb 10oz Bass went to Dave Hogan (Manchester)

3rd place with a 2lb 9oz Bass went to Ian Batt (Malton)

2nd place with a 4lb 4oz Cod went to Dean Andrew (Derby)

1st place with a 9lb 5oz Thorneback ray went to Ken Oliver (Hull)

Thank you to The Fishing Basket for the big fish prize
Thank you to Turnstone Baits for the prizes
Thank you to http://www.woldtopbrewery.co.uk/
Thank you to Phil Roberts http://fujifilm.co.uk/

We had a raffle and a big thanks to all who donated to this good cause


Thanks to all who came and enjoyed a fantastic day

on a personal note i am very happy with the result Ken Oliver organizes meets and match’s along the east coast and rarely can compete in one in his patch well done Ken