Arrived about 5.30 ish went out on pier for a few hours we got plenty of haddock up to 5lb a few coddling. next morn went with phil to besikar to try for halibut but they didnt show but had a few decent cod and a dab over 2lb. next day went to slip way i had a cod 14.9lb and a few around the 8lb mark we all got into the cod i also had a haddock about 7lb and m8 had 1 about the same.  went to look at new area to fish point and field area . fished that area on a night me and son fished the field and rob fished the point the biggest fish come from there 24lb cod and he had about 15 other cod up to 9lb. i had my best night in the fields 1 cod over 10lb and up to 25 to 30 cod up to 9lb son had a bit of bad night still had some decent cod. we went back to slip way on night tide we had some good coalies up to 6lb and plenty of cod to 8lb i also had 2 over 10lb.  we fished the landing to try for some diffrent fish plenty of haddock  odd cod and rob got a spurdog about 7lb i got a ghost shark about 6lb. fished slip way again had some decent cod up to 8lb. then went back to fields mark were my son lost probaly the biggest fish of the week he was gutted snagged him up.  really enjoyed it thanks to phill dale hope to c u next year m8. carnt wait for xmas hollidays so can get back on our coast to catch some cod roll on.