Wayne, Justin and Rodge just spent the last 5 days in shore fishing heaven…. The best Comment I heard all week was from Justin (Phill, I stopped fishing after my 16th cod) this was in a 2 hour period. Again for the first couple of days the lads fished against a strong SE wind, which to be honest really test the lads as it makes 3 of my main marks very difficult to fish. I also took the lads to a mark close to my new park ( Bessaker) Justin loved the mark, scratching around for double shots of dabs over a pound, codling, whiting and even a Megrim. I’m really looking forward to getting my teeth stuck in to this mark during the spring as its full of potential. I had a nice 11pound 4oz cod from the same place.

Here are some of the pics from the week, I can’t remember all the weights from the fish but there was 3 cod over 10 pound, plenty of lost fish and countless cod between 2 and 8 pound.
Wayne hitting the horizon.

Justin with 2 at a time..

A nice codling from the slipway.

Rodge with a double

Justin with a nice double figure cod

Shammy with his cod

Great week lads, thanks for visiting.
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