European Open Beach Championship – Overall Results

Aggregate Senior Event 3rd – 4th Total

Saturday Sunday Total

1st S Voase Hornsea 0 4885 4885 £2000.00

2nd B Ray Bridlington 0 3680 3680 £750.00

3rd E Heather Bideford 0 3490 3490 £500.00

4th M Wright Hornsea 430 3010 34440

5th A Thorton Brid 0 3350 3350

6th W Davison Pocklington 0 3285 3285

7th N Grieve Rainham 0 3260 3260

8th R Huntley Hull 1270 1830 3100

9th P Allsop Kings Lynn 1655 1440 3095

10th S Graham Sunderland 1500 1575 3075

11th J Jackson York 0 2925 2925

12th K Mccoy Sunderland 1310 1585 2895

13th R Aires Redcar 0 2870 2870

14th N Todd Atwick 0 2840 2840

15th C Richardson With 570 2255 2825

16th E Heather Bideford 0 2790 2790

17th M Brown Sunderland 840 1830 2670

18th S Voase Hornsea 0 2595 2595

19th M Wilding Scarbro 0 2465 2465

20th W Leason Nafferton 400 2070 2470

Aggregate Results Ladies

1st T Riley Burton Pidsea 0 435 435

2nd V Barker Redcar 0 365 365

3rd L Hill Bridlington 250 0 250

Aggregate Results Juniors

1st B Newsome Hornsea 0 430 430

2nd J Harker Peterlee 0 355 355


Championships Day 2 Sunday 4th March 2012

Day 2 Sunday got off to a very wet and blustery start but it did not deter an of the lads who fished the match rain or not, as the weigh got under way it soon became clear that Sundays match was a better day fish wise.


The weigh was well under way and the bigger fish started to come to the scales along with some very nice bass may i add, with only a few minutes to go the winning fish looked like around the 7lb mark, then walked in Stu Voase an Hornsea SAC member with a big holderness piggy of about 11lb, then we all knew that fish had winner wrote all over it.

Top Seniors Sunday

1st S Voase Hornsea Cod 10lbs 12oz 5dr £2000.00

2nd B Ray Bridlington Cod 8lbs 1oz 13dr £750.00

3rd E Heather Bideford Cod 7lbs 11oz 2dr £500.00

4th A Thorton Bridlington Cod 7lbs 6oz 3dr Tackle Prize

5th W Davidson Pocklington Cod 7lbs 3oz 14dr ” ”

6th N Grieve Rainham Cod 7lbs 2oz 16dr

7th M Wright Hornsea Cod 6lbs 10oz 3dr

8th J Jackson York Cod 6lbs 7oz 3dr

9th R Aires Redcar Cod 6lbs 5oz 4dr

10th N Todd Atwick Cod 6lbs 4oz 3dr

11th E Heather Bidiford Cod 6lbs 2oz 7dr

12th S Voase Hornsea Cod 5lbs 11oz 9dr

13 M Wilding Scarbro Cod 5lbs 8oz 0

14th E Heather Bideford Cod 5lbs 6oz 15dr

15th P Desmet Belgium Cod 5lbs 3oz 12dr

16th E Heather Bideford Cod 5lbs 5oz 3dr

17th R Demulder Belgium Cod 5lbs 3oz 2dr

18th D Hewitt ——– Cod 5lbs 0 oz 10dr

19th C Richardson Withernsea Bass 4lbs 15oz 9dr

20th H Mickee jnr Bangor Cod 4lbs 15oz 6dr


Top Ladies Sunday

1st T Riley Burton Pidsea Whiting 435g

2nd V Barker Redcar Flounder 365g


Top Juniors Sunday

1st B Newsome Hornsea Whiting 430g

2nd J Harker Peterlee Flounder 355g


Team of 4 results Sunday

1st P Would – SGilbert – A Proudfoot – E Heather 13400g

2nd K Mccoy – NCutler – G Gardiner – S Graham 11300g

3rd S Verhage – P Desmet – I Focke – J Faas 10400g

4th P Bayes – M Wilding – S Ianson – P Medd 8745g

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Championships Day 1 3rd March

Top Seniors (Saturday Catches)

Saturdays match got off to a very wet and dull start with the over night rain and a change in the wind direction, we set off to take a look at the venues as we had no idea were to fish, it soon became clear that the northen end of the boundaries had been deserted by most of the

anglers who prefered the sothern end due to the small tides.

After taking a look as far down as Mappleton we decided to go back north to Skipsea as the beach was deserted earlier, got down a very sticky cliffs and got set up, after 30mins we were joined by 4 lads from Sunderland, it proved to be a winner for my m8 Dom the very first cast he hooked into a very nice 4lbs 10oz 10dr cod wich won him £500.00 and 3rd place for the saturday

1st C Hossack Sunderland Cod 5lbs 6oz 15dr £2000.00

2nd A Cammesh Filey Cod 4lbs 10oz 15dr £750.00

3rd D Baker Bridlington Cod 4lbs 10oz 10dr £500.00

4th P Scott Beverly Cod 4lbs 5oz 13dr Tackle prize

5th B Fooks Waymouth Cod 3lbs 15oz 2dr ” ”

6th P Allsop Kings Lynn Cod 3lbs 10oz 6dr ” ”

7th G Batty Barnsley Cod 3lbs 9oz 14dr ” ”

8th S Graham Sunderland Cod 3lbs 4oz 15dr ” ”

9th I Dancy Portsmouth Cod 3lbs 4oz 0 ” ”

10th R Beheyt Ostend-B Cod 3lbs 2oz 13dr

11th B Wright T-S-F Cod 3lbs 2oz 7dr

12th D Bower Barrow Cod 3lbs 1oz 6dr

13th C D Brown Wirral Cod 3lbs 0oz 2dr

14th M Coates Hull Cod 2lbs 14oz 15dr

15thK Mccoy Sunderland Cod 2lbs 14oz 3dr

16th G Holwell Beeford Cod 2lbs 13oz 11dr

17th R Huntley Hull Cod 2lbs 12oz 13dr

18th S Graham Sunderland Cod 2lbs 12oz 1dr

19th A Brown Notts Bass 2lbs 11oz 12dr

20th K Winters Blackpool Cod 2lbs 10oz 5dr


Top Ladies (Saturday catches)

Liz Hill Bridlington Dab 0 8oz 13dr


Pairs Results

1st K Mccoy S Graham 6765

2nd C Hossack R Carr 3565

3rd P Allsop S Butterery 2670

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Flattie Bash Friday 2nd March 2012

The flattie Bash held on Wilsthorpe beach Bridlington is now in its third year has become a very popular event, billed as the warm up to the main two day has now established its self as a regular start to the Euro Championships.
The match got under way at 11.30am with 198 anglers fishing the match and with the weather being kind for a change the boundaries had to be extended north to Bridlington south beach and south past Fraisthorpe beach.
The match proved an hard slog for some anglers to the north of the boundaries with very few fish showing, the fish that were caught were only small side, the anglers that opted to fish the south of the boundaries at the Fraisthorpe end faired a lot better.
Flattie Bash Results (only top 5 win prizes)


1st S Drayton

2nd C Ogilvie

3rd R Jarman

4th N Charlesworth

5th V Danny