European Open Beach Championship – Overall Results

Aggregate Senior Event 26th – 27thTotal

  • 1st P Darby Guiborough 4220 £2000.00
  • 2nd W Jarman Taunton 3875 £ 1000.00
  • 3rd J Hawksley Withernsea 3460 £750.00
  • 4th M Salvidge Hornsea 3175 £500.00
  • 5th P Medd Ipswich 2935 £300.00
  • 6th R Lunn Hornsea 2910 Century E1000 Rod
  • 7th P Linguard Beverly 2860 Century Kompressor WR300 Rod
  • 8th S Hawksley Hull 2710 Century TTR Rod
  • 9th A Bunting Bridlington 2705 Anyfish Anywhere 13’ Match Rod
  • 10th D Hall Beverly 2690 Anyfish anywhere 13’ Rock Rod
  • 11th M Salvidge Hornsea 2660 Samalite HD200
  • 12th A Pickering Bridlington 2625 Samalite Headlite HL100 (W)
  • 13th C Robinson Nafferton 2565 Samalite Headlamp HL10 (F)
  • 15th N Helyar Bridlington 2470 MTI Zero 250
  • 16th W Leason Nafferton 2455 Anyfish 13’6’’Clubman Plus Multiplyer
  • 17th P Gilbank Bridlington 2435 Anyfish 13’ Clubman lite Multiplyer
  • 18th M Wright Hornsea 2400 Anyfish 14’ Six & Bait Multiplyer
  • 19th M Wilding Scarboro 2360 Penn 525 Mag Reel
  • 20th R Lunn Hornsea 2315 Penn 515 Mag 2 Reel
  • 21st D Bunting Bridlington 2285 Abu Garcia 6500 Mag HI Speed Reel
  • 22nd N Hemingway Batley 2265 Abu Garcia 6500 Mag HI speed Reel
  • 23 A Bunting Bridlington 2070 Beach Buddy
  • 24th J Chalk Canterbury 2055 Rite Gear Rod Bag
  • 25th A Beasley Bridlington 2045 Penn Survival Suit

Heaviest Flat Fish & Heaviest Other Fish

Heaviest Flat Competition Total

1st Place K Usher Skipsea Flounder 715 £100.00

Heaviest Other Fish Competition

1st Place P Medd Ipswich Bass 2935 £100.00

Aggregate Junior Event

  • 1st C Beadle Aldborough 1030 Anyfish 13’ Clubman Fixed Spool & Penn Surf Master 850 Reel
  • 2nd M Win Hartlepool 385 Anyfish 13’ Six & Bait Fixed Spool & Match 3 Reel
  • 3rd B Lye Oswestry 315 Anyfish 14’ Six & Bait Multiplyer

Aggregate Ladies Event

  • 1st C Robinson Nafferton 2565 Anyfish 13’ 10’’ Tournament Match & Penn 515 Mag
  • 2nd C Robinson Nafferton 1945 Anyfish Clubman 13’ Lite Multiplyer
  • 3rd M Pardoe Beverly 1190 Anyfish 13’ Clubman Lite Fixed Spool
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European Open Beach Championships Day 2 Sunday 27 February 2011

Sundays match got off to a nice sunny start with a light n/westerly breeze, and with over 1000 anglers taking part in this years event the beaches down to southern end of the boundaries were always going to be very popular on the smaller tides.

After chatting with some of the anglers at last nights presentation, Out Newton and Dimlington areas would be packed out with anglers as that’s where  most of the fish came from on the Saturday.

It would be a very early start to get to your choice of venue, most anglers said they were heading back to the same venue they fished on the Saturday.

Having taken a look down the coast from Bridlington this morning the sea looked perfect for cod with plenty of colour and very nice, not too big surf pushing in.

Things could only get better lets hope the cod don’t disappoint us and we might even see a nice Holderness piggy at the weigh in.

3pm back at the weigh as usual it always gets off to a very slow start with only anglers that have fished local getting back early.

The first few fish weighed in were mainly flounders and the odd whiting. Then the big boys started to get back to the weigh with some nice cod.

Many local’s and forum member’s were weighing in some good fish and looked as if they would be in the prizes again

Senior Event Sunday 27th Results

  • 1st W Jarman Taunton Cod 2980 £2000.00
  • 2nd P Darby Guiborough Cod 2905 £750.00
  • 3rd S Hawksley Hull Cod 2710 £500.00
  • 4th G Smith Grimsby Cod 2525 £250.00
  • 5th W Leason Nafferton Cod 2455 Century Elimiator Rod
  • 6th A Beasley Bridlington Cod 2045 Century Kompressor Rod
  • 7th G Whitton Withernsea Cod 1925 Century TTR Rod
  • 8th J Hawksley Withernsea Cod 1860 Affinity Twin Tip Rod
  • 9th S Prince Bridlington Cod 1705 AnyFish Anywhere Match Rod
  • 9th S Baron Burton Pidsea Cod 1705 Anyfish Anywhere 13’ Rock Rod
  • 11th B Lawes Whitby Cod 1690 Affinity Surf Rod
  • 11th C Gouldthorp Barton Cod 1690 Anyfish Anywhere 14’ Six & Bait Multiplyer
  • 13th J Batty Barnsley Cod 1660 Anyfish Anywhere Clubman Fixed Spool
  • 14th P Linguard Beverly Cod 1630 Samalite HL 100
  • 15th J Shambook Anyfish Cod 1610 Penn 525 Mag Reel
  • 16th R Lunn Hornsea Cod 1600 Penn 515 Mag 2 Reel
  • 17th S Lemm Bridlington Cod 1590 Abu Garcia TSR Reel
  • 18th G stevens Barrow Cod 1575 Abu Garcia 6500 Hi Speed Reel
  • 18th D Lane Waymouth Cod 1575 Beach Buddy
  • 20th S Rowe Hull Cod 1535 Penn Storm Bag

Sundays Team of Four Event

1st Place N Charlesworth Total Weight 6945 £320.00, S Drayton, S Littlewood, R Hoe

2nd Place G Smith Total Weight 5565 £200.00, G Hutson, G Stevens, S Tucker

3rd Place M Wright Total Weight 4775 £120.00, M Salvidge, M Coates, S Lawson

Ladies Event


C Robinson Nafferton Cod 1265 Anyfish Anywhere 13’ Clubman Lite Fixed Spool &

Penn Surf Master 850

Junior Event

1st C Beadle Aldborough Cod 1030 Anyfish Antwher 13’ Six & Bait Fixed Spool &

Penn Surf Master 850 Reel

2nd B Lye Oswestry Dab 315 Anyfish 14’ Six & Bait Multiplyer & Beach Organiser

The European Open Beach Championship Saturday 26th February Results And Pictures


Paul Medd - Saturday's Winner From Out Newton

Day 1 Saturday 26th February 2011

Saturday day one of the main 2 day event, after the heavy over night rain it made me wonder what the already water logged cliffs would be like, some of the venue get downs were already treacherous with the rain over the past few days, last night’s rain would have made them a challenge to the bravest or the who dares wins brigade.

With the tides in the low 5.1mtrs and light n/westerly winds forcast with the odd light shower it was obvious that most of the anglers would be heading south, Hornsea to Spurn would be their preferred venues on the small tides.

Bridlington north beach only had few anglers same on the south beach, Barmston and Ulrome these beaches have proved very popular in the past but again only a few anglers again, not until you got to hornsea north beach did you find any anglers in numbers, from there next stop Tunstall this beach as always proved to be a very popular venue with anglers all along that stretch of the beach.

Reports of the beaches south of Tunstall being well preferred by most anglers, with most anglers getting down onto the beach very early to get the best or their favourite mark.

Full results for Saturday

Several local anglers and forum members in the prizes

1st P Medd Ipswich Bass 2935 £2000.00

2nd P Gilbank Bridlington Cod 2435 £750.00

3rd N Hemingway Batley Cod 2265 £500.00

4th S Cooper Bridlington Cod 1705 £250.00

5th M Salvidge Hornsea Cod 1690 Century Eliminator

6th J Chalk Canterbury Cod 1670 Century TTR

6th P Blackhouse Willerby Cod 1670 Century Kompressor S

8th J Hawksley Withernsea Cod 1600 Anyfish Anywhere Tournament Rod

9th A Buntine Bridlington Cod 1590 Anyfish Anywhere Rock Rod

10th N Marshall Withernsea Cod 1585 Penn Affinity Twin Tip Rod

11th N Weatherstone Hornsea Cod 1490 Affinity Surf Rod

12th M Salvidge Hornsea Cod 1485 Samalite Headlamp

13th A Peacham Hull Cod 1480 Samalite HD200

14th D Hall Beverly Cod 1435 Penn 525 Mag Reel

15th N Weatherstone Hornsea Cod 1395 Penn 515 Mag Reel

16th N Spour Newcastle Cod 1345 Abu 6500 Mag TSR Reel

16th M Wright Hornsea Cod 1345 Abu Mag Hi-Speed Reel

18th A Pickering Bridlington Cod 1325 Abu Rocket Chrome

18th M Salvidge Hornsea Cod 1325 RT Fishing Shelter

20th A Greenwood Leeds Cod 1315 Penn Survival Suit

20th P Darby Guiborough Cod 1315 Penn Survival Suit

Pairs Event

1st Place £ 800.00 M Wright – M Salvidge Total Weight 9875

2nd Place £ 450.00 A Bunting – D Bunting Total Weight 5425

3rd Place £ 250.00 N Todd – N Weatherstone Total Weight 4915

Junior Event

1st M Win Hartlepool Flounder 385 Any where Rock Rod Abu RCN 61

2nd D Cook Hornsea Cod 295 Anywhere 6 & Bait Rod & Bait Pack

Ladies Event

1st C Robinson Nafferton Cod 1300 Affinity Twin Tip Rod & Surfmaster 250

1st PMedd                               2nd P Gilbank                      3rd N Hemingway

4th S Cooper                         Ladies C Robinson              Junior M Win

The European Open Beach Championship Flattie Bash Friday 25th February 2011

The Flattie Bash held on Wilsthorpe beach Bridlington is now in its second year has become a very popular event, billed as the warm up to the main two day will no doubt become a regular start to the Euro Championships

The flattie bash got under way at 11.30am with 150 anglers fishing the match, but with the beach covered in weed and fishing the tide down no one expected it to be nothing but an hard slog, but as the tide ebbed and to every one,s surprise the dreaded weed stayed at the high water mark, to the relief of all.

The honours of the day went to forum member Paul Broderick aka broders, Paul who fishs for Reckitts SAC  opted out to go to the Fraisthorpe end of the boundary, and fish by the little stream that flows onto the beach, this in the past has been a very good venue for flatties and to day proved to be an advantage as most of the fish came from that end of the boundary.

During the match some anglers started picking up the odd bass, a 44cm was caught and returned by forum member gazcoop, i my self managed a 32cm but as the match was billed as a flattie bash only flats were allowed to be measured, well done to all the lads that managed to catch on the day.

Flattie Bash Results (only top 5 win prizes)

  1. Paul Broderick Total 109cm  £280.00
  2. John Sloper 78 cm                     £170.00
  3. Nigel Crabtree 75 cm                £100.00
  4. Andrew Dawkins 65 cm           Abu reel
  5. Kenny Brown 65cm                   Tackle wallet

A total of 89 fish caught by 58 competitor’s

1st P Broderick                        2nd J Sloper                       3rd N Crabtree

4th A Dawkins                             5th K Brown

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