Match 1 Results 2011

The first match of the clubs winter fishing season 2011 was held on the Sunday 23rd October fishing from 9am to 3pm. Fishing started at low water with the 43 match entrants fishing a wide variety of the local venues, there where a few early fish caught as the tide turned, Spurn road produced 2 undersized Bass and a number of small whiting, Old hall produced a 4lb 5oz bag of whiting for L Stothard. C Goldthorpe of Barton on Humber came to the scales with a bag of 5lb 0oz of whiting fishing from the beaches at Dimlington along with G Storey with a bag of 4lb 4oz which included the biggest fish of the day a whiting of 2lb 1oz. Fifteen anglers brought fish to the scales all fish where whiting with no cod or flatties being wieghed in.
The results below show the super pools being won by N Charlsworth, both Gary Storey and Steve Everitt decided they would not enter the super pools and have now joined the clubs list of anglers that have missed out on being paid out by the super pool for the biggest fish. Club members found this highly amusing and both Steve and Gary had to grin and bear the relentless leg pulling by Mr Douglas regarding there misfortune of missing out on the prize money for the optional pools!Biggest Bag
1st C Goldthorpe      5lb 0.1oz
2nd L Stothard         4lb 5.5oz
3rd G Storey            4lb 4.5ozBiggest Fish
1st G Storey            2lb 0.9oz
2nd S Everitt            1lb 4.6oz
3rd S Everitt             1lb 4.oozSuperpools N Charlsworth biggest fish  1lb 2.0oz

Next match 6th November fishing 9am till 3pm entries in the village square 8 till 8.30am everybody welcome.

Match 2 Results

The clubs second match of the season held last Sunday was looking promising as there had been several reports of cod being caught up and down the coast and also in the riverduring the week. Weather and sea conditions didnt look very favourable as there was a strong northerly blowing which created a sea state that wasnt going to be easy to fish. 33 anglers set out for there chosen venues with the majority heading to Spurn point  after they had seen the sea state. Simon Underwood returned to the scales with the biggest bag of whiting 12lb 14oz, simon fished post 47 along Spurn road. Gary Storey fished Old hall in the river and came to scales with the biggest fish of the day a whiting of 1lb 11oz . All fish wieghed where whiting with exception of one flattie.
Biggest Bag
1st Simon Underwood      12lb 14.4oz
2nd Nev Charlsworth        11lb 5.4oz
3rd David Smith                7lb 4.2oz
Biggest Fish
1st Gary Storey                 1lb 11.1oz
2nd Nev Charlsworth       1lb 9.0oz
3rd Mally Douglas           1lb 5.3ozNext match 13th Nov thats this sunday due to the Diawa open next week. Fishing times 10.00am till 4.00pm entries in the square 9.0 to 9.30am. Also entries for the annual K.O are being taken the first 32 names given will be entered into the competition.

Match 3 Results

Easington fishing club held there third match of the season on sunday 13th November fishing 10 till 4pm, sea conditions where ideal which meant most anglers could fish there chosen beaches with no problems. The club has fished consecutive weekends due to the Diawa open match next weekend.
Most anglers returned to the scales with fish this week, and it was nice to see some cod amongst the bags weighed in biggest fish of the day was caught by Jussy Hawksley fishing Spurn Point on the Binks his cod weighed 3lb 2.1oz. The biggest bag of the day went to Mike Fox totalling 9lb 1.3oz all his fish where whiting which where caught again on Spurn point.
The fishing this week on reflection has been very good with most people catching fish, lets hope the fish stay around and we continue bringing good bags of fish to the scales this will be good for us anglers and keep us interested and hopefully we wont have to endure another season like the last.
For those of you that will be fishing the Diawa open next week good luck from us all in the Easington club and hopefully we shall see all at our next match.

Biggest bag
1st Mike Fox                9lb 1.3oz
2nd Nev Charlsworth   7lb 13.7 oz
3rd Phil Bowes             7lb 3.6oz

Biggest Fish
1st Jussy Hawksley      3lb 2.1oz
2nd Ian Farndale         1lb 9.9oz
3rd Simon Underwood 1lb 8.5oz

Superpools winner Jussy Hawksley

NeXt Match 27th November fishing 10am til 4pm

Match 4 Results

Sunday 27th November 37 anglers made there way to the village square in Easington to enter the clubs fourth match of the season. Weather conditions where far from ideal as there was a strong gusting westerley wind and the only bonus was an average size tide for the anglers to fish.
Whilst enties where being taken there was a lot of talk about some good sized fish being caught in the river at both Spurn point and Od Hall. With this information most anglers elected to fish the river, others went north due to the size of the tide and maybe the winning fish for the big match last week coming from the Hilston area.
The early catches for the entrants where whiting most being undersize, as the tide  began to flood there where reports of some nice sized cod being caught at the river venues. I understand some of the anglers gave up there fishing due to the severe gusting wind conditions and went home, they must be kicking themselves when they read the results of this match.
Back at the Neptune inn there was talk of some nice cod and reasonable bags of whiting, One report was of a 8lb cod for Andy Baker which would be big enough you would think to win most matches poor Andy couldnt believe it when at the scales Nev Charlsworth was the last to wiegh in and produced a 14lb 6oz cod which he caught from Old Hall. Callum Richardson returned a 6lb bag of whiting along with Paul Hoff with 2 cod both where unable to feature in the prize money.

Biggest Fish

1st Nev Charslworth        14lb 6.2 oz
2nd Andy Baker                8lb 3.3oz
3rd Nev Charlsworth         3lb 13.4oz

Biggest Bag

1st Nev Charlsworth        22lb 5.6oz
2nd Pete Fenby               10lb 7.6oz
3rd Andy Baker                9lb  6.5oz

Next match is 11th December fishing 10 till 4 entries in the Village square from 9 tll 9.30am. This match will also be the first round of the club K.O
Also i have been to mention poor old Pete North who was stood on the cliffs at Tunstall with his back to the sea and a rogue wave hit the cliffs and absolutly drenched Pete much to the amusement of Nobby hall, poor Pete was still drenched when he got back to the weigh in.

First round of the K.O Draw

1 B Keyworth v Bye

2 D Hunter    v Bye

3 M Douglas  V L Keyworth

4 J Clarke     v D Mitchell

5 S Everitt    v Bye

6 P Hoff       v R Hoe

7 P Bowes    v K Fearnley

8 C Broom    V C Hobbs

9 S Biglin      v A Baker

10 J Dolan     v I Farndale

11 L Stothard v T Hall

12 P Huetson V Nev Charlsworth

13 P North     v J Baker

14 J Hawksley  v G Keyworth

15 S Underwood v D Smith

16 T Bowes      v R White

There are byes in the first round but if there are any late entries the byes will be put into a bag and drawn out prior to the match so the byes could be filled with late entries.

Match 5 Results

Sunday 10th December Easington Fishing club held there fifth match of the season. Twenty seven anglers entered the match which was also the first round the clubs KO competition. Entrants for the match was lower this week due to large swell to the sea conditions on saturday and also the Spurn road being closed due to a 1.5 metre surge coming down the coast and covering a section of Spurn road with sand late in the week.
On the morning of the match a strong south westerly wind had blown overnight and the sea state was perfect for fishing, but most anglers went into the river chasing the fish that had been reported caught during the week. The biggest bag this week was claimed by Garry Storey with bag of thirteen whiting caught from Hilston. Some nice cod where caught this week with the biggest falling to Callum Richardson`s rod whilst fishing at Paull.Biggest Bag1st G Storey            9lb 9.2 oz
2nd C Richardson      8lb 0.8 oz
3rd K Fearnley          6lb 12.6ozBiggest Fish

1st C Richardson       7lb 9.8oz
2nd K Fearnley         4lb 8.9oz
3rd L Keyworth         4lb 7.1oz

Super pools winners C Richardson


G Storey     vs     N Hart

L Keyworth  vs     B Keyworth

J Critcheley  vs    R Hoe

K Fearnley   vs     C Hobbs

S Biglin        vs    J Dolan

T Hall          vs    N Charlesworth

P North        vs    G Keyworth

D Smith        vs    T Bowes

Brian Keyworth was the lucky angler out of the hat and given a second chance in the KO

The next round of the KO will be held on the first match of the new year, date to be announced .

The next match held by the club is the Christmas Charity match on the 30th December fishing 9 till 3pm biggest fish only cash prize for the winner.

Annual Charity Match

Friday the 30th December twenty four anglers entered the annual match to fish for the biggest fish only.The morning of the match we where greeted with a swell on the sea that had appeared overnight from the north west thus making all the beaches north of Spurn road unfishable. The majority of the entrants decided to fish Spurn road and the others electing to fish the river at Old Hall and Paull.
Keith Fearnley fished Spurn road at post 51 and on the very first cast pulled in a cod, things where looking good , he was wrong there where no more fish caught there. Mally Douglas decided to fish Spurn Point for the last two hours of the tide to low water and pulled out a nice cod with half an hour to go in the match. Andy Baker fished Old Hall near the sluice gates and came back to the scales with a cod also.
Match results
1st K Fearnley                  6lb 9.5oz
2nd M Douglas                 4lb 10.5oz
3rd A Baker                      2lb 9.8oz
The charity match and the raffle raised £78.00 for the local Sports and Recreation Association many thanks to all who attended and helped with the fundraising.
Next match 15th Jan 2012 fishing 9.00 am till 3.00 pm entries in the square 8 till 8.30 am, please dont forget it is the next round of the K.O the next round of the competition is listed on the match 5 report on the forum

Match 6 Results

Sunday 15th January 2012 the clubs sixth match of the season was held, forty entrants fished the six hour match fishing from the top of the tide 9.00am  to low water 3.00pm. Whilst entries where being taken some anglers had taken a ride to the cliff tops to look at the sea state and reported back there was still a big swell to the sea thus making fishing uncomfortable on the beaches. Those anglers that braved the swells came back with the fish to the scales, those opting to fish the river venues came only returned with a few whiting and no cod. Spurn road was shut due to sand being washed over the road by a one metre surge on top of 7 metre tide on Thursday evening. Three anglers did make the long trek along the point to fish low water, this shows what lenghts some anglers will go to try and catch fish, well done Mally, Keith and Steve.

Biggest fish of the day fell to a new member to the club  B. Blakey from Grimsby he fished the south end of Withernsea near to the lifeboat slipway. The biggest bag of the day made up of whiting only, came from another new member to the club S. Rispin  from Hull, he had opted to fish behind the Gas Terminals at Easington.

Biggest Bag

1st S Rispin              12lb 8.3oz

2nd B Blakey            10lb 12.9oz

3rd P Huetson             6lb 6.3 oz

Biggest Fish

1st B Blakey             7lb 2.0oz

2nd S Huetson           5lb 5.4oz

3rd D Hewitt             2lb 5.8oz

The second round of the Club KO was held and the third round pairings to fished on the next match are

G Storey vs.  L Keyworth

R Hoe     vs.  K Fearnley

S Biglin  vs.  N Charlesworth

G Keyworth vs. D Smith

Seventh match of the season to be held on the 29th January 2012 fishing 9am till 3pm entries in the square 8 till 8.30am.

Match 7 Results 2012

Sunday 29th January 42 anglers entered Easingtons 7th match of the season. Conditions where ideal, making all venues open for fishing. With reports of lots of whiting being caught previous to the match with a sprinkling of some nice cod things where maybe looking good for big bags of fish to be returned to the scales. Early on in the match things where slow with the odd whiting being caught, eventually Spurn road started to fish with lots of whiting and most of the cod caught where by pleasure anglers. Dimlington produced 2 cod for young Lee Smith the biggest 5lb 13.7oz there where other 5lb fish for B Blakey, J Hawksley,and S Underwood with a 4lb 15.7oz cod all nice fish.
The match was also the quarter finals of the clubs KO and the semi final matches are between G Storey vs R Hoe and N Charlesworth vs D Smith to be fished on the next match.
Story of the day and is about L. Keyworth poor Lee fished Spurn Point all day guarded his fishing spot making sure no one fished to close, Lee`s downfall was having no waterproof`s three quarters of an hour to go the heavens opened and he was drenched. This was the end of fishing for him so as he packed up and a waiting angler dropped into his place, his first cast resulted in a 4lb cod he recasted and then pulled in a 10lb fish, unbelivable !!! Also dismayed was J Dolan he couldnt believe it he fish alongside this guy and never had a fish, the same happened the day before on the point with one angler catching a 11lb fish and various other fish to go with them, and John never got a sniff of fish that day either, funy old game is fishing!
Biggest Bag
1st L Smith            15lb 2.4 oz
2nd J Hawksley      12lb 7.1oz
3rd G Smith            12lb 5.3oz
Biggest Fish
1st L Smith            5lb 13.7oz
2nd B Blakey         5lb 9.7oz
3rd L Smith            5lb 5.2oz
Next match Sunday 12th February fishing 9 .00 am till 3.00pm entries in the Square 8 till 8.30 am everbody welcome to come along and fish the match.

Match 8 Results

Sunday the 12th February 40 anglers entered into the eighth match of the season, sea conditions where ideal and the entrants where spread all over the various venues. With an above average tide some anglers ventured to Old Hall and others where hopefull Spurn point would fish nearer to low water as there where reports of odd fish being caught through the week at low water.
The beaches north of Easington produced very few fish, Spurn Point was dissapointing as i think most of the club ended up on the point to fish low water with little sucess, the only fish to hit the point was a cod estimated at 10lb to be caught by an pleasure angler.
This match was also the semi final round of the K.O and the four entrants all caught fish but Nev Charlsworth and Rich Hoe where the only anglers to return to the scales with Cod which saw them both into the final of the K.O. the pair of them chose to fish Old Hall.
Biggest Bag
1st N Charlsworth   7lb 12.0oz
2nd R Hoe                2lb 13.1oz
3rd P North              1lb 4.6oz
Biggest Fish
1st N Charlsworth    5lb 4.5oz
2nd R Hoe                2lb 13.1oz
3rd N Charlsworth   2lb 7.5ozNext Match 26th February fishing 9 till 3pm entries in the square 8 till 8.30am

Match 9 Results

Sunday 26th February 31 anglers entered the ninth club match of the season. Conditions for the day where bright skies with a slight wind and little sea swell. Fishing was from 9am till 3pm with high water at 8.45 am. Entrants to the match where scattered over the various venues with most anglers thinking of fishing Spurn Point later in the day at low water.
Fishing was very slow all the way through the match with the only cod being caught along Spurn road around post 44 mark. Lee Keyworth was the only exception with a bag of whiting from Dimlington. Low water on the point only produced one fish on the ebb to Sam Huteson. Some members of the club stayed for the flooding tide after the match had finished and i understand there was a lot of fish caught.
Biggest Bag
1st  C Hobbs         6lb 10.0oz
2nd K Richardson 5lb 5.2oz
3rd S Huteson       4lb 10.0oz
Biggest fish
1st C Hobbs             6lb 10.0oz
2nd  K Richardson    4lb 10.9oz
3rd  S Huteson          4lb 2.7oz
Next Match 11th March fishing 9 am till 3 pm entries in the square 8 till 8.30 am
Also its the final of the K.O to be fished between N Charlsworth vs R Hoe good luck to both of you.

Match 10 Results

Sunday 11th March 27 anglers entered the clubs 10th match of the season. I would first like to apoligise for the confusion regarding the starting time for the match. The entrants to match where greeted with calm seas and bright conditions, fishing would be either side of low water making Spurn point the main venue for a lot of anglers,and the rest of the entrants fishing there favourite low water venues. Reports where coming back that there was a few cod being caught and the whiting had done there dissapearing act again with only 3 whiting being brought to the scales. Craig Hobbs weighed in the seasons first dog fish from dimlington, George Smith from Grimsby wieghed in 4 cod and a bass from the lagooons at easington, Callum Richardson caught the days biggest fish of the day as the tide flooded on Spurn point which resulted in Callum being unable to light hs ciggerette due to the him shaking so much. Mally Douglas on arrival at the point enquired where the fish had been caught the previous day he was told by an angler sarcastically, There and pointing at a large stone on the beech, as the day continued Mally had great delight letting the angler know that the days fish had being caught at a stone further down the beach, implying they where fishing in the wrong place.
Nev Charslworth and Rich Hoe fished the final of the clubs K.O, they both fished at Old Hall and Nev was the oly one of the pair to catch so Nev is the club K.O winner well done Nev,also a nice jesture from Nev as he is going to share the cash prize with Rich .

Biggest Fish

1st C Richardson          9lb 7.2oz
2nd T Richardson         6lb 14.8oz
3rd J Critcheley           4lb 9.2oz

Biggest Bag

1st G Smith              14lb 12.1 oz
2nd C Richardson        9lb 7.2oz
3rd T Richardson        7lb 9.4 oz

Next Match 25rd March fishing 10 am till 4pm entries in the square 9 till 9.30 am and this is will be the last match of season for the club.