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Summer Cod Fishing

Summer cod fishing Upto about 3 years ago I, like so many other cod fishermen, put my rods away once spring arrived as my perception of codfishing was cold dark nights and big coloured

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2013 European Open Beach Championships Full Results

Aggregate Results Seniors Name                         From                                  

25 pound 6oz cod, shad fishing special! Shorefishing Norway, Skarnsundet!!

Hi Having the ability to be adaptable as a shore angler is always going to give you the best chance to catch the fish that are infront of you!! This was proved lastweek when

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Give me the moonlight,the starshine, forget the romance , lets catch cod !

I wasn't going to bother going out again (Wednesday) but the codfever was playing up badly and the thoughts of a pig started racing through my mind.....again ! I 'd ordered some worms from

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Jellyworms Holderness Cod the right place right time

After my poor performance in the pairs match yesterday, only managing a whiting from Out Newton, I had a bit of bait left and so decided to have a go for a few either

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Shore fishing Norway, 1st group of the year, Skarnsundet!!

Hello everyone Had my first group of the new year in this week, 7 lads from Yorkshire, fantastic fishing with some great laughs!! Gilly got in first with a nice cod from the pier

Big Fish Man – Catch Report

HOLDERNESS PIGGY I had decided to go fishing early hours of Thursday 6th January, so the night before I went to bed for 10pm and for some strange reason I kept waking up every

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Wednesday,s wrecking trip

the forcast was excellent for wed morning so we arrived at the compound at 3.15am light allready ,should have got there earlier?,we launched at around 3.45 am plenty of petrol onboard and most importantley

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shore fishing in Norway (Skarnsundet)

Hello Well its been a while since I have been out shore fishing but last night I couldnt resist, after spending the last month boat fishing I was very keen to get back to

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The season has started!! Skarnsunsundet

Hi everyone Well, the season has got into full swing here, with 36 guests arriving from Holland this week!! The weather has been fantastic and the lads have fished every day, with fantastic fishing

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