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Summer Cod Fishing

Summer cod fishing Upto about 3 years ago I, like so many other cod fishermen, put my rods away once spring arrived as my perception of codfishing was cold dark nights and big coloured

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Fishing in Norway at Skarnsundet

Arrived about 5.30 ish went out on pier for a few hours we got plenty of haddock up to 5lb a few coddling. next morn went with phil to besikar to try for halibut

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2013 European Open Beach Championships Full Results

Aggregate Results Seniors Name                         From                                  

Fishing At Flamborough, The Northern Extreme Of The Holderness Coast

Well this post is not going to tell you how to fish the Flamborough mark .....I'm still working that out for myself ...but isn't that the fun of it...working out what where and when

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Spurn Point To Hornsea Fishing Marks.

The map below has the marks  shown, zoom in and click on the fishing symbol. I have shown where the parking is for most. Zoom in further for the Google street view of the

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Shore fishing season has started! Skarnsundet

Hello everyone Well, my fly fishing gear has been packed away and now im full steam ahead with my shore fishing season, aswell as bait digging and keeping intouch with the boat fishing! First

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robq & jellyworms Anglesy trip

Dave ( Jellyworm ) and I decided earlier this year to have a long weekend away somewhere, to sample some fishing a little different to what we are used to and hopefully a few

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Holderness Kite Fishing

Hi all Ive been asked to write an article on kite fishing i don't no everything about this sport. but i can tell our story me and a friend called Neil have been power

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European Open Beach Championship

European Open Beach Championship - Overall Results Aggregate Senior Event 26th - 27thTotal 1st P Darby Guiborough 4220 £2000.00 2nd W Jarman Taunton 3875 £ 1000.00 3rd J Hawksley Withernsea 3460 £750.00 4th M

Shore Fishing Around The Fjords Of Skarnsundet

Hi everyone Another group of guests came to skarnsundet to try out the shore fishing this week, 4 lads from the North east and 4 from the south! Intresting week with fresh lug and

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