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Fishing in Norway at Skarnsundet

Arrived about 5.30 ish went out on pier for a few hours we got plenty of haddock up to 5lb a few coddling. next morn went with phil to besikar to try for halibut but they didnt show but had a few decent cod and a dab over 2lb. next day went to slip way [...]

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Kayak fishing in Norway at Skarnsundet

Hello Kayak fishing in Norway is not only possible its fantastic, affordable and very enjoyable. Kayak fishing at Skarnsundet Fjordsentre is amazing, with calm waters, steady currents, an abundance of fish and a  large variety of species to target this will be a fantastic experience for any Kayak angler. We have four Ocean Kayak 13 [...]

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Shore fishing Norway Video

Hello Here is a quick video of me shore fishing in Norway on Saturday afternoon. The target species was a halibut but never hooked one. Instead I managed 5 cod between 4 - 11lb. Here were a couple I managed to get on Video? Cheers Phill Dale

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Sore fishing Norway 30lb Halibut

Hi guys Just wanted to post this quick video of me catching a 30lb halibut from the shore in Norway. The halibut was caught using herring as bait on a pulley pennel rig with lots of attractors! Check out the video? Cheers Phill Nordic Sport Fishing

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Shore fishing Norway 63lb Halibut!

Hello What a fantastic week we have had at Skarnsundet Fjordsentre. The cod fishing has been up to its usual great standard with Straumen slipway and Stus points producing double figure cod on most sessions. We have no seen many Cod over 20lb in the February period like we have in the past 5 years [...]

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Shore fishing Norway

Hello I just wanted to do a quick review of  the January catch reports to keep you guys unto date and how the shore fishing is at Skarnsundet. Since I have been at Skarsundet this has been the warmest, coldest and windiest Jan I have seen. Im not going to try and explain why we [...]

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Shore fishing in North Norway

Shore fishing in the North of Norway has been on my mind since I first arrived in Norway five years ago. I have always had short weeks in the North testing several places from Bod? to Troms? but recently I have been talking to the guys up at And?rya Adventures. These guys have fantastic fishing [...]

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30 pound cod shore fishing at Skarnsundet

Well the season has got kicked off to a coddy start. Shammy set the bar high with a 30 pound 14oz cod on his second day taking 54 pound of fishing in three casts. Congratulations mate thats a fish of a lifetime and I know how hard you have fished to get over that magic [...]

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Autumn fishing at Skarnsundet Fjordsentre

Hello from Skarnsundet Fjordsentre After an interesting and hectic season I have finally got time to sit down and wright a short post about the start of our Autumn season. Autumn is a fantastic time to fish in the fjords of Norway, safe and sheltered waters with healthy fish stocks. Autumn also marks the start [...]

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50 pound Halibut from the shore!!

In my opinion local knoledge is fundamentally the most important aspect of sea fishing. This latest halibut fishing post is a prime example of how local knoeledge can give an angler the fish of a lifetime. Patrick Verrbrugge is on his second season guiding and working at Skarnsundet. Patrick understands the job, hes a great [...]