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Summer Cod Fishing

Summer cod fishing Upto about 3 years ago I, like so many other cod fishermen, put my rods away once spring arrived as my perception of codfishing was cold dark nights and big coloured

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Fishing in Norway at Skarnsundet

Arrived about 5.30 ish went out on pier for a few hours we got plenty of haddock up to 5lb a few coddling. next morn went with phil to besikar to try for halibut

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Shore Fishing Iceland 2014 “The Volcano Erupts” Day 5

M.A.S.A.C In Iceland Day 5 Day 5 saw us head to a place called Hjalteyrarvegur. Here there is a pier, and with a 30 yard chuck you?re into 60 metres of water.Now I have

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Shore Fishing Iceland 2014 Day 4

M.A.D.S.A.C In Iceland day 4 Day 4 SiglufjrurDay 4 saw us head West out of town for 20 minutes to a nice town called Siglufjrur. Today,s mini competition was for the most species. Hopes

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Shore Fishing Iceland 2014 Day 3

Well here we go again, Day 3 sees us back in Dalvik, which is a 15 minute drive from our base. The mark was on the Grimsey island ferry pier. As you can see

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Shore Fishing Iceland 2014 Day 2

M.A.D.S.A.C. goes to Iceland day 2 Well I hope day 1 whetted your appetite cos day 2 was slightly different and a tad longer. Our day started with an all you can eat continental breakfast

By | August 26th, 2014|Categories: Lead Article, News|2 Comments

Shore Fishing In Iceland 2014 Day 1

Well after numerous scares we have eventually landed in Iceland. We arrived in Iceland despite a Heart attack and an erupting volcano. I cannot write down in words the stress and mither I've been

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A monster session on Angelsey by Holderness forum member Col aka bigbadcol

With a few mid week rest days for me and Pete sulking cos his diving club decided to head the the Summer Isles without him  I thought I'd give him a ring n see if

By | June 16th, 2014|Categories: Boat & Kayak, Lead Article|3 Comments

MADSACs Shetlands Adventure

Day 1 After setting off Friday at 8am we arrived in Yell in time to board the boat for 10am Saturday morning. The steam out to the mark was probably one of the roughest

By | June 3rd, 2014|Categories: Boat & Kayak, Lead Article|1 Comment

Valhalla Charter Boat Of Bridlington – Down Memory Lane

Fishing Charter Boat Valhalla The story i am about to tell must be every skippers and anglers nightmare (Sunday the 11th August 1985), it started off as a good days angling aboard the charter

By | April 9th, 2014|Categories: Boat & Kayak, Lead Article, News|14 Comments