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Braid Friend or Foe? Case for the defence In my opinion a lot of rubbish is spoken about braided lines, in the right situation they can be the difference between catching and not. Note 1 I said “the right situation”, braided line not is not the “holy grail” but is just another technical advance to [...]

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5 Essential Holderness Sea Fishing Rigs

Safety Always use a shock leader. 10lb breaking strain per ounce of lead is the minimum required to keep other beach users safe. With this in mind the rig body you choose should be at least the same breaking strain of your shock leader. Component quality Using quality rig building components is essential. Search the Internet [...]

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Basic multiplier tuning for fishing. Abu and Penn.

With my forced layup I,ve been sorting through some of my  gear and decided to give a couple of reels a quick bearing service. I know that  from time to time the question crops up of how do I 'tune' my reel for fishing.  It's no dark art and any angler using a multiplier should [...]

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Rod Repairs Part 1 Replacing a Damaged Guide

I posted this as a result of a request on the Holderness site but thought maybe some of the lads on here might like to read. I ve been asked to do a few jobs recently and what with work and fishing I ve had to turn the full re-builds down limiting myself to the [...]

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The Best Headlight For Beach Fishing ?

With the new LED headlights getting ever cheaper and more powerful, the older type headlights with the bigger bulkier batteries are now becomeing redundant , or are they ??? Please give your opinion on the best headlights for beach fishing in the poll and by leaving comments to this article in the comments box below. [...]

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Holderness Coast Fishing Tackle and Bait Shops

If you own a tackle shop in the Holderness/Humber/Lincolnshire area and would like to list it here then please forward details and any pictures to info@holderness-coast-fishing.co.uk . There is no charge for this listing.

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