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A monster session on Angelsey by Holderness forum member Col aka bigbadcol

With a few mid week rest days for me and Pete sulking cos his diving club decided to head the the Summer Isles without him  I thought I'd give him a ring n see if he fancied a trip to Angelsey. Before I did I'd just read that Gethyn had a few spare places on Wednesdays [...]

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MADSACs Shetlands Adventure

Day 1 After setting off Friday at 8am we arrived in Yell in time to board the boat for 10am Saturday morning. The steam out to the mark was probably one of the roughest I had been aboard. And it wasn't much better when we got there. Stevie was first to be sick then was [...]

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Valhalla Charter Boat Of Bridlington – Down Memory Lane

Fishing Charter Boat Valhalla The story i am about to tell must be every skippers and anglers nightmare (Sunday the 11th August 1985), it started off as a good days angling aboard the charter boat the Valhalla out of Bridlington with a group of anglers from Negas SAC Hull, the boat was skippered by Ian Taylor known [...]

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Wrecking trip Wednesday 29-08-2013

With it giving a good forcast and small tides thought we would have a go for some big ling yesterday .got launched at 6. Am for a steady ride out to a good ling wreck .caught a few makkys on the way for fresh baits .then after traveling for just over an hour it was [...]

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Flamborough Kayak Meet Report

This years match was held at South Landing Flamborough The meet and match would make money for lifeboats as usual, And this year had Heroes On The Water there too Confidence With as dodgy forecast and big tides the event would need a good safety team The event was given an arsenal of safety and [...]

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Kayak fishing in Norway!! Skarnsundet!!

Hello Everyone Ive been in contact with my friend Matt about coming to Skarnsundet Kayak fishing for a while now and last week we finaly got it sorted and got the chance to see what potential there was for Kayak fishing in the fjord!! I supplied the Kayak! And Matt sorted out the rest, It [...]

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Flamborough Kayak Meet Match Report

FLAMBOROUGH KAYAK MATCH REPORT AND RESULTS 2012 The match was held at south landing Flamborough on the 26 TH August With a strong wind blowing Stonefish had em-posed boundary's with the Headland being out of bounds for safety With event organizer Stonefish and journalist/photographer Simon Everett That makes 58 kayak anglers preparing to launch The [...]

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FLAMBOROUGH KAYAK MATCH REPORT The meet was held at South Landing Flamborough on 4t September 2011 we met up at 9 am and would fish from 10am till 4pm It was deiced no boundary's would be given in respect of the fantastic conditions At 9.50am Stonefish gave a quick briefing on safety , species conservation [...]

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Bridlington Charter Boats

Rachel K, Bridlington Harbour Yorkshire Lass, Bridlington                                                Ocean Crusader, Bridlington PROVIDENCE, BRIDLINGTON Striker, Bridlington My Girl Gill, Bridlington LIBERTY, Bridlington Heidi J, Bridlington                                                            

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Twelve of us set of to the arctic circle norway 13th july. heres a few pictures from our trip .you allready probabley know some of the faces .scottygf hands for a trip of a life time, and did they have a good time ? kev hewitt a 57lb cod,, me a 48lb cod the [...]

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