Humber SAC held their Annual Flounder Open at Humberstone Creek with 35 anglers all ready for the off. “All in” Club secretary Mark Taylor shouted and there was a salvo of leads heading for the Creek enough to sink the Spanish Armada.

Not to be outdone “Mother Nature” decided to put her oar in, and told most of the fish to hide and avoid detection. They did this with an enthusiasm that warrants a mention, and I think some are still in hiding.

Needless to say the Creek has fished better but we soldiered on regardless and here are the results as proof of our efforts.

  • 1st  Brent Bartrum   6  fish for 2lb – 13,1/4oz using the top quality bait from his mates  at Squids in
  • 2nd Dan Jackson  3  fish for 2lb – 2oz, who is a club member and I understand that he may be using some of winnings to invest in casting tuition on how to cast straight.
  • 3rd Neil Cutler from Sunderland had   5 fish for 1lb – 10,3/4oz

The zone winners by default were

  • Zone “A” winner Nigel Crabtree
  • Zone “B” winner George Smith
  • Biggest Flatfish was caught by George Smith with a 34cm Flounder.
  • Biggest Round fish was caught by Karl Nangle with a 24cm Smelt
  • Lucky Peg went to Simon Drayton.

Club Chairman Nigel Crabtree would like to thank  all the anglers that fished the match, although it was hard work at times the spirits remained high and a good time seemed to be had by all.

Next weeks match is on Sunday 20th fishing 4pm – 8pm The Shallows, meet at Novartis Gate from 2.45pm

The Baitbox Big Cod Open

This coming Sunday is the biggest boat match in the North of the Country. The Baitbox big cod open has really got the anglers talking and expectations are high for monster cod to be caught.

There has been several fish touching the magical 20lb mark and if you are lucky enough to land such a marvellous specimen this Sunday it will net you well over £1000. Boats who went out last week had reasonable success.

But this weekend is entirely different the tide is massive and the run on certain marks will be horrendous. It will be case of finding slower running water if you can. Also holding anchor for some boats will also be a problem.

Nearly three hundred anglers will be taking to the seas in various styles of craft. The chatter on the radio is always worth listening to you. Finding out who has caught what and who has lost the monster.

It will be beefed up tackle on the day as if you hook that big fish you do not want your tackle to let you down.

The organisation of this match is fantastic the HCA committee put a lot of effort in and it always runs exceptionally well. The fish at the end will be auctioned off and the money going to a charity. So hopefully there will be plenty of cod caught.

I will bring you all the news from the match next week as the poles go way this weekend and the heavier tackle comes out of storage.

Chapel Beach Angling Club – Sandilands Open Match

There is an open beach match this week  this  Saturday to be run by Chapel Beach Angling club the venue is Sandilands , meet at the Fat Wallys club at chapel St.lenoards.

Fishing 15.30 to 19.30hrs. There have been quite a few codling caught and the usual flatties.